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International School of Monza

School Profile:
Founded 1985
Only school in Monza authorised to offer IBPYP to students from 3-11
Pre-school nursery for children 1yr 6 months to 2 years 3 months old
Middle School G7-G9 (11-14 yrs)

Via Santo Stefano,
Vedano al Lambro
Monza Italy

The school is on 3 prestigious sites near the Parco di Monza and offers a specialist Early years Unit, spacious Elementary School and separate Middle School situated at the park's edge.

The school follows the IBPYP and IBMYP programmes of study and is fully authorised in the former. Standards are high across the Anglophone curriculum and Italian is also offered to approved national standards from G1 upwards.

All staff are fully qualified, mostly from a UK background, but with thorough training in the PYP and/or MYP. There are 2 staff per class in the younger age groups. Specialists teach PE, Music, Italian and in the upper grades ICT and instrumental lessons. Spanish is offered in the MYP classes.


The school consists of three specialist sites catering for the needs of each age group. Excellent outdoor spaces, indoor gym facilities, Library/IT suites with interactive whiteboards and lunch rooms for hot lunches on each site. The Elementary school in Via Schiatti is brand new in 2006 and has a garden as well as an all weather sports pitch. The Middle School has Science lab as well as light and well-equipped classrooms.


The school year begins in September and runs until the end of June with a 3 week break at Christmas, 2 weeks at Easter and 2 half terms of 1 week each in the Autumn and Spring terms.


The philosophy accurately reflects the highest level of IBO methodology and is focused upon the needs and potential of every student. Each child is encouraged to engage with his or her learning, to become a responsible, reflective lifelong learner and to develop respect for the individual, the community and the wider world. The school values and fosters talent in all aspects of school life and holds firmly to the belief that international education is at the forefront of our global future.




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